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10 yrs of MOTORSTARS


Ferrari Factory Tour by MOTORSTARS

Lamborghini Factory Tour by MOTORSTARS

Pagani Factory Tour by MOTORSTARS

Maserati Factory Tour by MOTORSTARS

Ducati Factory Tour by MOTORSTARS


MOTORSTARS offer first class daily tours to the so called “Motorvalley” taking you on a journey through the production facilities and the fascinating museums full of history and technology of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati and Ducati. This full day tour from MOTORSTARS is a licensed, private service for small groups of people. We believe it has no precedence in terms of quality and in the technical knowledge offered by our guides. The program provides personalized return pickups from Bologna train station, Bologna city center or directly from your hotel in Bologna town (where agreed) always with a licensed, luxury Mercedes carrier included in the price.


The Leading Italian Car Factory Tours

Please choose your favourite full-day tour package between our proposals below and contact us for more information, thank you!



1 Day Tour Packages from Monday to Friday (factories are closed on week-ends)


9:30 am 6:15 pm


10:00 am 6:15 pm


8:45 am 6:15 pm


10:00 am 6:15 pm


9:00 am 6:15 pm


9:00 am 6:15 pm


8:45 am 6:15 pm


9:30 am 6:15 pm


9:15 am 6,15 pm




Enzo Ferrari Museum Modena




Ferrari factory tour



Ferrari Museum Maranello






recommend €50pp extra

recommend €50pp extra

recommend €50pp extra

recommend €50pp extra

recommend €50pp extra

recommend €50pp extra





Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum


Museum and Factory

Pagani factory tour


Museum and Factory

Ducati factory tour




Maserati Museum

Authentic Lunch in Italian rest.



at the

Ferrari rest.

Ferrari Restaurants
option optionoption option option 

You drive



Ferrari F1 simulator

You drive


public roads

You Drive Ferrari Lamborghini

You drive


race track

Track Experience Ferrari Lamborghini


EUR 220 for 1 adult full-day tour-package


EUR 270 included Lamborghini factory floor tour

all taxes and

fees included

Price includes all you need to have the best and safest service ever complying with all the necessary regulations:

Technical organization by "Snack Travel " Tour Operator member of Fiavet (Italian Association of Travel Agencies) and insurance cover by UNIPOL

Transfers with licensed, luxury, air conditioned Mercedes van driven by a registered professional driver

Booking and fees to the Museums and Factories

No waiting in line at the entrance of museums and factories

Guided services as described in the schedule of each tour-package

Very generous and high quality authentic 4-course lunch in one the very best restaurant in the area with unlimited alcohol and soft-drinks (vegetarian, vegan menus are available)

Personal assistant fluent in English who has worked for Ferrari F1, Lamborghini, Pagani

In-car documentaries

Nominal pass and lanyard

Special prices at official Ferrari and Lamborghini stores

Free gadget

No hidden fees

Singles are welcome

100% guaranteed departures

 free Wi-Fi during transfers

Payment can be done at time of booking or directly the same day of departure to the tour leader by cash or credit-cards (VISA-MASTERCARD).

How to enjoy my MOTORSTARS tour?



Check availability on the Calendar and fill-out the Enquiry-form

Receive reply

by email in

1-2 working days

Fill-out the

secure on-line


Receive confirm

by email in

1-2 working days

Be ready on time

at the agreement meeting point

We have a limited number of tours available per day with a limited number of participants. To avoid disappointment please check availability before, book well in advance and arrange flights, hotel only upon receiving our written confirmation of your "Booking-from", thank you.



Guided bus-tour along the main road that crosses both the Ferrari factory and the Fiorano track. With this 45 minutes bus-tour you go inside the factory but you don't go inside any building. Visitors may not leave the bus, take photographs or video footage during the tour. Ferrari factory floor tour is only for owners, Ferrari directly manage these tours in collaboration with Ferrari dealers.


We remind you that only Maserati owners or potential clients are allowed to Maserati factory and that it is Maserati itself that manages these tours


For those interested, extra charge of EUR 25 per 7 minutes to be paid on the day, min. height of 1,5 mts, warning to those subject to motions sickness, with heart conditions, back or neck ailments or any serious disabilities. To book in advance is required.


No official service by Ferrari / Lamborghini, it doesn’t take place in the Ferrari track but on public-roads around the Ferrari factory. For those interested, extra charge from EUR 90 per 10 minute to be paid on the day. To book in advance is required.


No official service by Ferrari / Lamborghini, it doesn’t take place into Fiorano track but on the Modena’s track. For those interested, extra charge from EUR 900 to be paid on the day. Please note, it is recommended to skip the Ferrari factory bus tour as both happen at the same time.


Walking along Lamborghini's assembly lines is not included. With this 50 minutes guided tour into the factory floor you visit one/two assembly line/s plus the upholstery department, atelier where everything is still hand made.

For those interested, extra charge of only EUR 50 pp. (full price is normally EUR 75 pp.). Lamborghini factory floor tour  is recommended.


To respect all rules and to offer you a safe service, MOTORSTARS tours are organised and sold by licensed Tour Operator and all transfers are always with licensed van and with a professional driver

Full-day tours for small groups of people (max 8)

Drop-off is always at the same location as the pick-up

Tours are operated in English

Every tour packages is a full day tour even without "You drive" option, we take care of the day's program of each guest not making any difference to those who want to drive or not

All days between JUL 31st - AUG 25th Lamborghini factory floor tour is not available

All days between JUL 31st - SEP 3rd Ducati factory floor tour is not available

All days between JUL 31st - SEP 18th Ferrari factory bus tours will be reduced to the only area of the factory



Special prices for groups and family.

Children under 6 are not allowed


Do you need help for overnight stay?

Do you need help for railway timetable?

Answers to most of common questions


Tour Operator and Taxi Driver's License to have a safe service   TOP PRIORITY
MOTORSTARS not only collaborates with “Snack Travel” - a tour operator that is a member of Fiavet (Italian Association of Travel Agencies) - but also have a special taxi driver's license "N.C.C." (Italian for Limousine with personal driver) in order to comply with all the necessary regulations and to offer you a secure, safe service and, above all, peace of mind. All this in order to respect all rules and offer you the best and safest service ever.

We know the “Motorvalley” like the back of our hands.
Our local staff has extensive knowledge of the most famous Italian mechanical facilities in the world.
We’ve lived and breathed super cars ever since we were born, working directly for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ducati. With MOTORSTARS you get the feeling of being part of the team. More than eight-hundred satisfied guests take tours with us every year.

Our Partners
MOTORSTARS is the company that has arranged and managed Pagani factory tours for three years (2008 till 2010) before Pagani decided to manage these in house. However, we have still maintained our special relationship with this renowned manufacturer
In 2007, MOTORSTARS started to collaborate with Ducati Motor SpA, arranging factory tours during the World Ducati Week, in Misano, and during the Enzo Ferrari Italian Marathon, in 2005.
Our strategic partnerships give us the advantage to provide you the best service ever.

Great and expert guide
With MOTORSTARS you don't only receive taxi service and historic introduction but also
technical explanations and backstage from knowledgeable guide that has really been working for Ferrari F1, Toyota F1, Lamborghini R&D, Pagani and other racing team.

No hidden fees
Payment can also be made directly on your arrival, however we will need your credit card details at booking time for a deposit of Euros 50. We guarantee there are no hidden fees and no extra charges for our services unless specified.

Stress-free Travel
We arrange everything for you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t worry about anything on your arrival. A fluent English speaking tour guide will accompany you throughout the schedule, giving you interesting and useful information, and taking care of every single detail to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Every last detail is taken care of for you.

More than 10 years experience!
MOTORSTARS is the very first company that started these kind of tours – motor tours - so popular today thanks also to other companies that took inspiration from us. Since 2004 we operate only these tours and - every single year - hundreds of people choose us in order to spend a day inside the most famous Italian super-car factories in the world. For any problem you could have, we are here from more than 10 years and we’ll still here also tomorrow.

We're not a big company and we don't pretend to be.
It is very likely that one dedicated member of staff will look after you throughout the tour from the moment of your enquiry right through to the actual day, arranging everything from your arrival until the end of the tour, always doing their very best to satisfy your requests and needs in order to guarantee you a pleasant stay and a lovely journey with MOTORSTARS.




is not associated to:

Ferrari s.p.a.

Lamborghini automobili  s.p.a.

Pagani automobili s.p.a.

Ducati motors s.p.a.

Maserati s.p.a.

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